How Hot are these lads? Let me gauge... Here's my Diagnosis!

 10 Hunkies up for the Hottie test. Who will get my hottest kiss? You'll see.. Haha! Know what? I started being beaten by this heaven-filled oh-my-God-he-just-glanced-at-me clichéd feeling otherwise known as "Crush" when I was in 3rd grade. And by the time I was in high school, I begun my journey of gathering my personal cheek-burning hotties. Here are some of those eye-candies who made their charming contribution in order to put bugs on my eyes for those delightful sleepless nights. Thanks Guys!

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 Hottest Hottie?


Josh Harnett

Jang Hyuk

Wallace Huo

Won Bin

Jerry Yan

Heath Ledger

Edward Burns

Jesse Bradford

Josh Lucas

Shane West





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Sunday, September 12, 2004
crazy bwt WALLACE?

ei, got a new website about wallace huo called "In Wallace's EYES..." CLICK HERE whoa, got loads of pictures and few trivias.. there's also a message board there where we can all let out in words our feelings toward this hottie.. hope to see yah there and sign my suestbook aryt?

Posted at 9/12/2004 2:41:24 pm by ayi
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Hottie No.6 - JERRY YAN

 Beware.. he is a living potion..
BEWARE OF HEART-SLAVERY. First, he'll piss you off with his ferocious temper. Second, he'll make you laugh out loud with his outlandishness. Third, he'll make you quiver with his sweetness. And fourth, he'll make you do a website for him. And I'm guilty.

(Taiwanese F4 Lead Hunk)

How Hot?  Hotter than hell.

Virus Definition.  The Walking Potion.

Sizzling face feature. Eyes.

Hottest Body Part. His trunk.. whew! (Take a peek of it on Love Scar...)

Degree in Charm Celsius.  50o

Caught Burning in the TV Series Meteor Garden

Diagnosis: A living Potion indeed and once you take him in, he'll take control of your systems. And he'll stay in your heart forever. I heard this case so many times before, why, his international spread-out should be halted, otherwise, he'll accomplish a multiple Heart-slavery crime cases in no time at all!

Get a dose of his Shows & Movie. Meteor Garden 1&2, Love Scar, Dao Ming Xi Special, Come to my Place, Great Teacher, Magic Kitchen

Hot Remarks. You know one thing that can distinguish Jerry from my flock of "Boyfriends"? He's the first man I had ever made a website for! Really, it's so refreshing to know that I actually did a website even if at first, I'm totally clueless on how to.. I have no formal lessons or whatsoever on how to build websites. Well, I had a website before, but it's an online construction thingy and it has ready-made templates that what has left for me to do were to upload pictures and put text and that's it. Done without even know how the hell did that come up that way. But it's not very creative and it has poor customization so I'm not totally impressed.
        But when I met Jerry (in my dreams), I suddenly felt like a web designer myself! Haha! I dunno how, yah know, all is fast when you're in love and you'll just find out that it's all Done.

        How I did it? I have no idea, is it because of that freaky pineapple hair that I missed, or the fact that I love him so much I'm ready to undergo some hardship just to do something for him, or he really has this spell that can make computer-addict girls do a website for him? Well, I'm not alone! We're in a herd... and counting...

Want more of Jerry Yan? Go >HERE< and I promise, you'll really learn more about him!

Posted at 7/21/2004 2:03:08 pm by ayi
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Sunday, July 18, 2004
Hottie No. 5 - WON BIN


"ABS"-OLUTELY HANDSOME. There's more to Won Bin than his pretty face, winsome smile and potent charm... it's the Abs!

(Korean Heartthrob)


How Hot?  Living Fire

Virus Definition. Naughty Heartthrob

Sizzling face feature.  Eyes and Smile.

Hottest Body Part.  Abs. (I had its close-captured pic, but sadly, I lost it. Guess I have to find it again for you then..)

Degree in Charm Celsius.  47o

Caught Burning in the TV Series Endless Love- Autumn in my Heart 

Diagnosis: He's in danger. Danger to be the subject of your obsession. Boyish-looking Won Bin won't anymore be a boy to you once you see his abs! I assure you, this guy's abs is a must-see! Haha! It's a ultra-healthy sight. Promise.



Hot Remarks.  I hate my sister for trying to filch Won Bin from me. Haven't she had enough? She had dipped on my affair with Jang Hyuk, and there she goes again? Huh? Well, can't blame her though, she has an eye for real hotties too, like muah! Yeah, that's why we're sisters! We got dibs on the bad boys.. hehe.. and we had jammed feasting on his abs' picture then. I just lost it and now we're hungry again... 

Posted at 7/18/2004 6:51:03 am by ayi
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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Hottie No. 4 - HEATH LEDGER

 How about loving roughly by him?
 LOVE ME ROUGHLY, LOVE ME SWEET. You know why girls usually fall for the Bad Guys? Just look at Heath okay?

(Australian Hollywood Actor)


How Hot?  Fierylicious

Virus Definition. Rough Loverboy

Sizzling face feature. 
Eyes and Smile.

Hottest Body Part.  The Chest.

Degree in Charm Celsius.  46o

Caught Burning in the Movie 10 Things I hate about you.

Truly, a dangerous specie. When his eyes hit you, be threatened. When he stares at you, you'll catch your breath. When he smiles at you, ahh, be ready to run, 'coz he'll snatch your heart in just 3 steps and if he succeeded on doing such to you, you'll turn yourself a battered girlfriend, I mean, dreamer! Oh, and before I forget, his Aussie twang was a killer too!

Get a dose of his Shows. A Knight's Tale, Monster's Ball, The Patriot, Four Feathers, Roar 

Hot Remarks.  This is probably the biggest wonder among women- why do girls usually fall for Bad

 Guys. HAHA.. Guilty here! But you can't blame me when that bad boy has the charm and attitude like Heath! Precisely, perhaps it's the attitude. Don't you just like how they move like they're always sure of everything and they are capable of anything? How about the way they look

as if they'd like to kill you with their hugs and batter you with kisses? (haha.. naughty, naughty ayi...) And the way they make you feel protected and well-taken cared of sans the cheesiness of being locked to you all the time and without those overused sweet-nothings remotely resembling to mendacity. And most especially, don't you just love it when they sometimes rule your world? You'll feel more feminine, I guess.Every girl has the need to be subjugated by a man sometimes. Provided that they are in LOVE...

        And since I love Heath Ledger, I'll let him take control over my world. Haha, again, in my


Posted at 7/15/2004 5:09:05 am by ayi
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Monday, July 12, 2004
Hottie No.3 - JANG HYUK

 Cruelly Gorgeous
CRUELLY GORGEOUS. He's cruel to Yang Soon as Gi.  Now he's even more cruel to seize my heart.

(Korean Actor & Singer)



How Hot?  Feverish.

Virus Definition.  Gorgeous Devil

Sizzling face feature.  Eyes.

Hottest Body Part. His hair. Above OK?

Degree in Charm Celsius.  42o

Caught Burning in the TV Series The Successful Story of a Bright Girl 

Diagnosis: His gaze is lethal but you'll wonder why you suddenly

wish to die. Yet on the other hand, his hair's adorably healthy, and really looks good. I so love his hair. Watch his "Bright Girl" with Jang Nara and you'll see why I do.

Get a dose of his Shows.  Bright Girl, Jungle Juice

Hot Remarks. You know one country I lacked knowledge about WAS Korea. All I knew aside from it's an Asian country with two divided parts and their chinky eyes and fair complexion, is NOTHING MORE. Pity, I never thought Korean guys are cute too... thanks to this lovely-haired dude. I don't fancy him at first. But perhaps I had learned to like him because of his ruthless yet funny character in Bright Girl. But hey, can't you see he's gorgeous too? And he's the reason why I fancy anything about Korea now. Their nice songs (although I hardly understand but the melodies are quite catchy), their funny celebs, their japanese-like foods, their very wacky shows like the "New Nonstop" (which I'm quite addicted) and even their seemed-like japanese-chinese collaborated language! "Un ya nong sa yo!" (Hello) aha, I'm learning a lot, Hyuk!


Posted at 7/12/2004 2:11:07 am by ayi
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Saturday, July 10, 2004
Hottie No.2 - WALLACE HUO


Keep Out of Reach of Girls!

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF GIRLS. I'll store him in MY ROOM temperature and take a dose of him thrice a minute. Oh, but can I ask for a higher dosage pls?

(Taiwanese Star)

How Hot?  Hot as hell.

Virus Definition. Snooty Prince Charming

Sizzling face feature. OMG! Can't decide. I guess ALL! And you just have to agree with me, just take a look at this -­---------------------------------------->

Hottest Body Part. His arms! [click here]

Degree in Charm Celsius.  49o

Caught Burning in the TV Series Dolphin Bay

Diagnosis: He has the fatal sneer which won't likely appear as one b'coz it has a yummy effect on me.. (Oh, I suddenly want to be killed!) and the perilously perfect face of a Prince Charming Cinderella would surely die claiming to be hers (hey, he's mine!) He's dangerous all though out. So, keep out! (if you think having black-eyes will look ugly on your face... Try me! Hehe..).

Get a dose of his Shows.  Star, 100% Señorita, Pretty Girl, Westside Story

Hot Remarks. Do I have to scream it? I love Wallace Huo's face! His eyes were so darn expressive. I've honestly never seen such pair of eyes like that. Seriously, I could really feel his emotion through those. That alone could make him a very good actor. I had a major jones on his character in Dolphin bay. His domineering, ruthless and overprotective character is really that exciting. He actually reminds me of Dao Ming Si's freaky nature in Meteor Garden, but surely, he's more sensible that Ah Si huh? And he's really a heartthrob-material. As in.

        The first time I ever look in those eyes, I was stunned. And with the second look, I was mesmerized. And with the third, I was in love and eagerly and uncontrollably long for the fourth, fifth, sixth so on, so forth. He's addictive. For Christ's sake. And to add up to my heart's burden were his cute nose, his snooty eyebrow, his great-styled hair, his brooding cheekbones and his soft lips to compose a snooty-looking perfect face.. Whew! I need a dextose! And hey, he sings too! Talk about stoke of luck huh?

Posted at 7/10/2004 5:05:15 am by ayi
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Friday, July 09, 2004
Hottie No.1 - JOSH HARNETT

OH MY JOSH.. He'll melt you by the stare. How much more if he does more? Die thinking. Deliciously.

(Hollywood Actor) 

How Hot?  In a convulsive state.


Virus Definition.  Boyish Charmer

Sizzling face feature.  Eyebrows.

Hottest Body Part. His torso.

Degree in Charm Celsius.  44o

Caught Burning in the Movie  Pearl Harbor

Diagnosis:  His boyish charm is contagious. His stare is deliciously deadly. And his Eyebrows are dangerously perfect. But hmm, I think he's better off wet. 

Get a dose of his Movies. Black Hawk Down, Blow Dry, 40 Days, 40 Nights

Hot Remarks. I'm really no action film buff. In fact, I hate seeing blood in movies. Perhaps I abhor violence in movies, 'coz I want one in real life instead! Haha.. really, I'm no action movie-fan and when Pearl Harbor mania hit everyone around me, It has nothing to expect from me but a short cold shrug. As in c'mon what exactly is entertaining about people killing people? Oh but then, as I see the movie's theme music video, and I see the other guy, hmm, that's when I realized that there's another way for me to get entertained by an action movie= see if there's a cute male cast. Josh Harnett just taught me how to enjoy people killing people scenarios=Þ

Posted at 7/9/2004 5:47:21 am by ayi
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